September 11 Remembered

Nineteen years ago today, the USA was attacked by those who hate both the United States and Israel. The Islamists who killed around 3000 souls hoped to do much more damage.  They are still enemies today and they do not stand alone as recent events within the United States demonstrate. The craziness of American politics right now scares the entire world. Many in the world are worried about those of us in the States. On September 16-17 (Wednesday & Thursday next week), the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics will deliberate on the topic of “Dispensationalism, Politics, and Culture.” Join us as we attempt to think biblically about a polarized nation in these alarming days.  To join the meeting, use the following Zoom link:

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  1. The original posting says Tuesday and Wednesday but the days are Wednesday and Thursday. The actual dates of Sept 16-17 are correct. The times on the schedule are Eastern Standard Time. — Mike S

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