2014 – Defending Premillennialism

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Below are the papers for the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics 2014 listed by author’s name in the order they are listed on the schedule.

Council Materials

Williamson, “How “Literal” Should Interpretation Be” “A Critique of the Analogical Hermeneutic

Gromacki, “The Furfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant

Cone, “Premillennialism As A Necessary Condition For A Biblical Socio-Political Model

Gunn, “The Olive Tree Metaphor in romans 11:11-24

Stallard, “A Review and Refutation of Sam Storms’ Kingdom Come: The Amillenial Alternative

Johnson, “New Testament Evidence for Premillennialism

Baker, “Israel and the Church: The Transcendental Distinction within the Dispensational Tradition

Thomas “Israel’s Kingdom in the Apocalypse

Nelson, “Defending Premillennialism in the MAtthew: A study of Key Verses in the Gospel


Keywords: #Kingdom, #Amillennialism, #Postmillennialism, #Church, #Israel