2022 – Does Dispensationalism Matter?


Papers for 2022 National Conference

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

8:30am – Plenary Session – Mike Stallard, “The Term Dispensationalism in Historical Perspective: How Useful is the Term in Today’s Theological Climate?

10:15am – Workshop Session #1

Workshop #1 (10:15am) – Gary Gromacki, “A Critique of Progressive Covenantalism from a Traditional Dispensational Perspective

Workshop #2 (10:15am) – Jesse Randolph, “The Overlooked Importance of Dispensational Hermeneutics in Modern Trinitarian Scholarship

1:45pm – Workshop Session #2

Workshop #1 (1:45pm) – Elliot Johnson, “The Meaning and Application of Exodus 19:1-6 from a Dispensational Perspective”

Workshop #2 (1:45pm) – Chris Burnett, “The Grammatico-Historical Method and Missionary Expectation

3:30pm – Workshop Session #3

Workshop #1 (3:30pm) – David Fredrickson, “Three References to Eschatological Postponement in Matthew 13/Psalm 78

Workshop #2 (3:30pm) – Wayne House, “Will We Eat and Drink in the Coming Kingdom of God? An Interaction with Origen, Cerinthus, the Church Fathers, and the Literal Interpretation of the Scriptures on the Nature of the Millennial Kingdom

7:00pm – Workshop Session #4

Workshop #1 (7:00pm) – Christopher Cone, “The Double-Edged Sword of Dispensationalism: Destructive as Methodology, Constructive as Outcome

Workshop #2 (7:00pm) – John Yeo, “An Exegetical and Biblical-Theological Case for Prophetic Foreshortening between Daniel 9:26 and 9:27

Thursday, September 15, 2022

8:30am – Workshop Session #5

Workshop #1 (8:30am) – Cory Marsh, “Doctrines of Demons or Doctrines of Scripture? The Essential Safeguard of a Dispensational Reading of 1 Tim 4:1–5

Workshop #2 (8:30am) – Peter Goeman, “A Critique of the Concept of One Unifying Covenant—the Covenant of Grace

10:15am – Workshop Session #6

Workshop #1 (10:15am) – Chris McIntyre, “Why Dispensational Preachers Need Christ Centered Preaching

Workshop #2 (10:15am) – Jeremiah Mutie, “Dispensational Implications of the Rev 5:9–10 Textual Variants”

1:45pm – Workshop Session #7

Workshop #1 (1:45pm) – John Oglesby, “The Importance and Implications of a Biblically Derived Interpretive Method as Modeled Through Symbols within the Book of Revelation

Workshop #2 (1:45pm) – Ward Crocker, “Dispensational Theology and the Necessity of Divine Temporality

3:30pm – Workshop Session #8

Workshop #1 (3:30pm) – Taylor Walker, “The Root of Moral Epistemology:  Dispensationalism’s Relevance in Establishing Moral Truth in a Relativistic World

Workshop #2 (3:30pm) – Christian Twombly, “He Has Overcome the World: The Importance of Dispensational Propositions in Addressing the Anxieties of Millennials and Generation-Z Related to Salvation, Political Upheaval, and the Environment

7:00pm – Plenary Session – James Fazio, “The Phineas Covenant: God’s Everlasting Covenant with the Levitical Priesthood