2024 Conference Info – Answering the Myths About Dispensationalism

The 2024 National Conference for the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics will be hosted at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Ankeny, IA on September 18-19, 2024. Below you will find material needed to prepare you for participating in this years conference.

 I want to take this opportunity to alert everyone to the process for our upcoming Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics. Some items of interest:

1. The address for Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary is 1900 NW 4th St, Ankeny, IA 50023.

2. An individual must be registered for the conference to have access to a downloadable version of the papers.  A password will be provided during the actual presentations.

3. We give presenters one month to update their papers in light of the discussion.  Then we post all papers for public access without passwords.

4. Each presentation is designed for 30 minutes of presentation followed by one hour of discussion.

5. There will be a few workshops to choose from as well as two panel discussions to close each day.

Hotel Opportunities

The list of hotels below were recommended and provided by our host, Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary. From Faith, “Faith does not have guest housing available. To help with travel expenses, we have arrangements with local hotels for special rates. Just mention that you are a guest of Faith Baptist Bible College when you make your reservation.”

Hotel Address Phone Number
Sleep Inn and Suites 2406 SE Tones Dr, Ankeny, IA 50021 (515) 964-5909
Comfort Inn 215 NE Delaware Ave, Ankeny, IA 50021 (515) 965-8400
Homewood Suites 2455 SE Creekview Dr, Ankeny, IA 50021 (515) 963-0006
Residence Inn and Suites 1515 SW Main St, Ankeny, IA 50023 (515) 446-7300

Conference Schedule

“Answering the Myths About Dispensationalism”

Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Iowa

September 18-19, 2024

Papers can be downloaded from the website for council attendees.  Passwords will be given at the conference. The papers will usually be scrolled on a screen during the presentations.  Live streaming will be made available for all plenary sessions.  We ask all participants to register whether attending in person or by livestream.

Wednesday, September 18

8:00 am             Opening Session
Welcome – Mike Stallard
Introduction of the Steering Committee – Christopher Cone
Opening Statement and Review of Schedule – Mike Stallard
Opening Prayer – George Gunn

8:15 am             Mike Stallard, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
“After Dispensationalism: A Review of Another Recent Critique of Dispensationalism”

9:45 am             Break

10:00 am          Jesse Randolph, Indian Hills Community Church
“The Myth of ‘Reformed Dispensationalism’”

11:30 am          Lunch

1:30 pm           Breakout Session # 1
Cory Marsh, Southern California Seminary
“Dispensationalism and Social Engagement: Ethical Eschatology from 1 & 2 Thessalonians”

Jason Coke, Ph.D. Student, Dallas Theological Seminary
“Premillennialism and Mistaken Identities in Genesis 3-4”

3:00 pm           Break

3:15 pm           Breakout Session # 2
Paul Scharf, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
“Does Dispensationalism Teach Two Ways of Salvation?”

Paul Miles, International Society for Biblical Hermeneutics
“Single Meaning Intertextuality in Matthew 2 and the Sub-Christian Hermeneutics Accusation”

5:00 pm           Dinner Presentation

Mike Stallard, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
“Is Dispensationalism a Systematic Theological Construct Forced onto the Bible?”
Panel Discussion – Members of the CDH Steering Committee & Faith Faculty 

7:00 pm           Elliott Johnson, Retired, Dallas Theological Seminary
“Dispensational Hermeneutics”

Thursday, September 19

8:00 am            Christopher Cone, AgathonEDU
“The National/Individual Distinction as Pivot Point for Understanding the Applicability of the Sermon on the Mount” 

9:30 am             Break

9:45 am             George Gunn, Shasta Bible College & Graduate School
“Exegetical Inconsistencies in the Anti-Rapture Arguments of NT Wright and Ben Witherington III” 

11:30 am          Lunch

1:30 pm           Three Presentations on Dispensationalism Going Forward
Anthony Dreesen, Indian Hills Community Church
“Teaching Dispensationalism: An Address of Priority and Pedagogy” 

2:00 pm           Gage Terrell, Shepherds Seminary
“Dispensationalism for Tomorrow: A Proposal to Revitalize the System and Engage the Next Generation” 

2:30 pm           Ty Woznek, Heartland Church, Norfolk
“Building a Biblical Foundation for Life-Long Ministry: How the Framework of Dispensationalism is a Good Friend to Children’s Ministry” 

3:00 pm           Break

3:15 pm           Panel Discussion
Anthony Dreesen, Gage Terrell, and Ty Woznek

4:00 pm           BREAKOUT SESSION # 3

James I. Fazio, Southern California Seminary
“100 Years Before Darby? A Survey of the Seven Dispensations of John Shuttle Barrington (1678-1734)” 

Andres Reyes, First Baptist Church, Perry, Iowa
“Hermeneutical Longevity: Busting Myths about the Origins of Dispensational Hermeneutics” 

5:15 pm           Dinner

7:00 pm           Pastors Panel
“Facing the Myths about Dispensationalism in the Local Church” 

8:30 pm           Closing Prayer

* Schedule subject to adjustment