2020 – Dispensationalism, Politics, and Culture

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The presenters of papers at the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics 2020 are given a month or so to update their papers in light of the discussions at the Council.  Then they are posted for public use.  The files for 2020 below are in pdf format unless otherwise stated and are listed in the order of presentation.

Council Materials

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cone, “The Biblical Origin of Individual Civil Liberties, and Two Competing Views on Their Legitimacy and Implementation

Johnson, “A Believer’s Citizenship in Heaven and on Earth

Mains, “What Form of Government is Most Biblical?

Stallard, “The Biblical Basis of the U. S. Constitution

Fredrickson, “Why Didn’t the Law of Moses Prohibit Gentile Slavery?

Dellaperute, “Keeping it Classical: A Christian Response to LGBTQ Ideology

Thursday, September 17 2020

Starcevich, “The Bible and Borders, Ancient Wisdom for Current Problems

(PowerPoint format)

Baker, “Dispensationalism’s Evolving Theory of Social/Political Action: How Roe v Wade and Jerry Falwell Brought Dispensationalists from Rejecting Political/Social Action to Embracing It

Cho, “J. C. Ryle’s Views on Dispensationalism, Politics, and Culture

Mutie, “A Critical Examination of the Church’s Reception of Emperor Constantine’s Edict of Milan of A.D. 313