2011 – Dispensationalism & the Holy Spirit

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Below are the papers for the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics 2011 listed by author’s name in the order they are listed on the schedule.

Council Materials

Stallard, “The CDH at Age Four

Clough, “Sanctification Under the Old Testament Theocracy

Gardoski, “Spirit Regeneration and Indwelling of OT Saints: A Study in Dispensational Distinctions

Cone, “Considering the Relationship of the Holy Spirit, the Church, and the New Covenant

Stallard, “The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

Arp, “11_6_Arp What is the Role of the Holy Spirit in Interpretation?

Thomas, “Spirit Baptism: Continuity with a Discontinuous Interlude

Johnson, “The New Testament Origins of the Baptism of the Spirit

Couch, “The meaning of Baptism in the Doctrine of Baptism of the Spirit


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