2010 – Dispensationalism, Language, & Scripture

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Below are the papers for the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics 2010 listed by author’s name in the order they are listed on the schedule.

Council Materials

Ingalls, “Conditionality in Prophecy

Stallard, “Toward a Definition of Dispensationalism

Fabricatore, “A Lexical and Exegetical Examination of ‘oikonomia’

Stallard, “The Certainty of Prophetic Language

Fredrickson, “The Usefulness of Speech Act Theory for Interpreting Matthew 5:38-42

Baker, “The Royal Psalms: Literary Considerations for Identification

Couch, “Proving Dispensationalism Beyond the Word Dispensation

Thomas, “Jesus’ Handling of Israel’s Covenants: A Dispensational Study

Wicks, “Systematizing the Dispensational Hermeneutic

Keywords: #Conditional Prophecy, #Royal Psalms