The HAMAS Attack Upon Israel

The events of October 7, 2023, should disturb every sane person. When the Hamas terrorists targeted and attacked Jewish and other civilians in Israel, they did so brutally in order to send a message. However, Israel’s response sent a louder message that the end of HAMAS in the Gaza Strip may hopefully be near. A surprising message is being sent by the many pro-HAMAS rallies occurring around the world, especially in Western countries including England and the United States. It may be a good thing that such rallies have been so visible. At least we know where the anti-Semites are and what they are saying.

The Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics holds to a dispensational understanding of the whole Bible which means we have an exegetical and theological reason to support Israel.  While we condemn any unjust or illegal acts by the IDF and Israeli government if they actually occur (usually there is little or no evidence, just propaganda), we stand by the nation of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. There is a future for national Israel according to the covenantal promises of God in Scripture. We further rejoice in the promise that God will bless those who bless Abraham’s physical children through Isaac and Jacob (read the book of Genesis and note specifically 12:3).  Therefore, we bless the Jewish people wherever they can be found and reject the hateful, oftentimes genocidal tone, that has been directed towards them in recent public discourse. God loves them with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). We choose to love what God loves.  With that in mind, here are some things that we believe:

  1. The land of Israel, including the so-called West Bank and Gaza Strip, belongs to the Jewish people. They do not have to possess it all now, but one day Messiah Jesus will give them all the land that God has promised to them. They have a right to live in peace and safety in their ancient homeland at the present time.
  2. Although most of the people of Israel are in unbelief, we believe they will turn to Jesus in the end-time days at His appearing.  HAMAS and other terrorist organizations (usually Muslim) which oppose Israel are also in unbelief.
  3. The slogans of HAMAS that encourage the destruction of Israel from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean) are an incitement to genocide that should be rejected fully.
  4. Israel has a right to defend itself, including the complete elimination of HAMAS and any other terrorist organizations that fight against it.
  5. Present-day Israel is not the promised restored kingdom described in the Old and New Testaments. That kingdom awaits the coming again of Christ Jesus.
  6. Christians should pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for a righteous end to the present conflict. However, we do not favor an end that leaves Israel vulnerable to future attacks.
  7. We believe that the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, is the answer to the problems that plague the entire world. Jesus died for all humanity – Jew and Gentile alike. We desire all people to come to faith in Him, including both Jewish people around the world and individuals within HAMAS who are persecuting the Jews.

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