How easy is it to draw a line?

Jerry Falwell, a traditional dispensationalist, was famous for his involvement in agitating for righteousness in the political and social arena. Originally he rejected such involvement but changed his mind when Roe v Wade was handed down allowing millions of unborn children to be murdered.  Postmillennialists, especially of the Christian Reconstruction variety, called him an “operational postmillennialist.”  In other words, they said he acted like a postmillennialist and not like a premillennialist.  Is such a charge fair? Is dispensationalism the opposite extreme from Christian Reconstruction on the matter of political involvement?  Where exactly do we draw the line on what individuals and churches can do in an attempt to advance righteousness in our culture and in political discourse? More thought needs to be given to this issue from a dispensational point of view.  The Council tackled this to some extent last year, but we need to debate this further.  Perhaps someone will want to tackle this subject at our next conference.

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