Announcement on Coronavirus

Many of us are on lockdown as we try to defeat the highly contagious coronavirus that has seemingly attacked the entire world. We are reminded that we are not in control of this planet.  It is God who is sovereign and we are highly dependent on Him.  We pray for those who are researching ways to combat it and for health care workers on the front lines helping people who have contracted the disease as well as the victims themselves.  In all this, we affirm that our ultimate dependence is on God.

In spite of the present circumstances, we are still planning on having the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics in September in the Philadelphia area as God allows. Hopefully the situation will be quite different by then.  However, nothing is certain.  We will keep an eye on things and post any necessary announcements. In the meantime, prayerfully consider responding to our call for papers as we plan to discuss the topic of “Dispensationalism, Politics, and Culture.”

Mike Stallard

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