Conference ’18 Schedule

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Wednesday, September 19

8:30 am ~ Opening Session

Welcome from Southern California Seminary

Introduction of the Steering Committee – Wayne Slusser

Opening statement and review of schedule – Mike Stallard

Opening Prayer – George Gunn

9:00 am ~ Elliott Johnson, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Dispensational Features in the Gospel of Matthew”

10:30 am ~ Break

10:45 am ~ Mike Stallard, Friends of Israel

“The End of the Jewish Age in Preterist Interpretations of Matthew”

12:00 noon ~ Lunch

2:00 pm ~ Christopher Cone, Calvary University

“Parallelism of Fulfillment and Foreshadowing: Considering Affinity and Dissimilarity in Johannine and Matthean Use of OT Prophecy”

3:30 pm ~ Break

3:45 pm ~ James Fazio, Southern California Seminary

“‘Dispensation’ Biblically Defined: A Consideration of Christ’s and the Apostle’s Use of the Greek Term(s) oikonom(-ia/-os)”

5:00 pm ~ Dinner

7:00 pm ~ George Gunn, Shasta Bible College

“Averting Dispensational Departure: Corrective Suggestions for Colleges and Seminaries”

7:30 pm ~ Panel-led Discussion

“How Do We Answer the Non-dispensational View that Jesus is the ‘New Israel’?”

* Schedule subject to adjustment


Thursday, September 20

8:30 am ~ Neal Cushman, Bob Jones University

“The Postponement of the New Exodus Theory in Covenant Theology”

9:00 am ~ H. Wayne House, Faith International University

“What Did Jesus Teach the Disciples About the Postponement of the Kingdom, and What Did They Understand?”

9:30 am ~ Break

9:45 am ~ Q & A Panel Discussion – Cushman, House

10:45 am ~ Brief Presentation & Discussion: Mike Stallard & Jim Mook

“The Title/Name ‘Son of God’: Divine and Human”

12:30 noon ~ Lunch

2:00 pm ~ Cory Marsh, Southern California Seminary

“Jesus as the True Vine: A Transition of Economies Announced at John 15”

3:15 pm ~ Break

3:30 pm ~ Workshops

  • Tim Little, Faith Baptist College & Seminary

“The Identification of the King of Babylon in Isaiah 14”

  • Chris Burnett, Masters Seminary

“Dispensational Parameters for a Conservative Missiology”

5:00 pm ~ Dinner

7:00 pm ~ Pastor’s Panel

“Dispensationalism, the Gospels, and the Local Church”

8:30 pm ~ Closing Prayer