Conference ’19 Schedule ~ Dispensationalism, Social Justice & Race

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Any ministries who are interested in being represented at this event, email John Oglesby.

The presenters of papers at the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics 2019 are given a month or so to update their papers in light of the discussions at the Council.  Then they are posted for public use.  The files for 2019 below are in pdf format unless otherwise stated and are listed in the order of presentation.

“Dispensationalism, Social Justice, and Race”

Calvary University, Belton, Missouri (Kansas City Area)

September 18-19, 2019


Papers can be downloaded from the website for council attendees.  Passwords will be given at the conference. The papers will usually be scrolled on a screen during the presentations.


All plenary sessions will be at the Student Life Center.  Workshop sessions as indicated on schedule.


Tuesday Evening, September 17

  • Council participants arrive and check in to a hotel near Calvary University.
  • Steering Committee meets for dinner, discussion, and planning in the Warrior’s Nook, Student Life Center at Calvary University at 6:00 PM.


Wednesday, September 18

8:00 am             Opening Session

Welcome from Calvary University

Introduction of the Steering Committee – Wayne Slusser

Opening Statement and Review of Schedule – Mike Stallard

Opening Prayer – George Gunn


8:15 am

Joe Parle, College of Biblical Studies

“Towards a Theology of Justice: Contributions of the OT to Concepts of Biblical Justice”


Joel Williamson, Calvary University

“Racism and the Torah”


Thomas Baurain, Calvary University

“The Myth of Racial Reconciliation”


9:45 am             Break


10:00 am          Panel Discussion — Parle, Williamson, Baurain


11:00 am          Mike Stallard, Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

“Social Justice, Antisemitism, and Anti-Zionism in Historical and Biblical Perspective”


12:30 pm         Lunch


2:00 pm           WORKSHOP SESSION # 1


Paul Barreca, Fellowship International Mission

“Integral Missions: Is Social Action Part of the Gospel?”

Student Life Center


Mark McGinniss, Baptist Bible Seminary

“Hearing Her Voice: The Not-So-Secret Longing of Female Sexual Desire in the Song”

Liberty Chapel, Conference Center


3:30 pm           Break


3:45 pm            WORKSHOP SESSION # 2

James Fazio, Southern California Seminary

“Dispensational Thought as Motivation for Social Activism among Early Plymouth Brethren”

Student Life Center


Gary Gromacki, Calvary University

“Review of the ‘The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel’”

Liberty Chapel, Conference Center


5:15 pm           Dinner


7:00 pm           Luther Ray Smith, Calvary University

“A Brief Historic Examination of Christian Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism among Black Americans and Their Skepticism of Dispensationalism”


Cory M. Marsh, Southern California Seminary

“The Rapture: Cosmic Segregation or Antidote for Oppression? A Critical Response to the ‘Racial Ideology of Rapture’ by Nathaniel P. Grimes”


8:00 pm           Panel Discussion – Smith, Marsh


8:45 pm           Close for the Day



Thursday, September 19

8:00 am             Elliott Johnson, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Does Philemon Provide a Sufficient Perspective to Address Social Justice?”


9:30 am            Break


9:45 am             Christopher Cone, Calvary University

“Every Tribe, Tongue, People, and Nation: The Future of Race Relations and Implications for Today”


11:15am          WORKSHOP SESSION #3

Tim Little, Faith Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary

“Social Justice in God’s Messianic Kingdom”

Student Life Center


Steven Boyd, Calvary University

“The Biblical Case Against Counter Social Justice: YHWH’s Demand for Justice and Righteousness”

Liberty Chapel, Conference Center


12:30 noon       Lunch


2:00 pm           WORKSHOP SESSION # 4


Jamie Bissmeyer, Masters Seminary

“Job’s Eschatological Hope: The Implications of Job’s Redeemer for Social Justice”

Student Life Center


 Scott Aniol, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Polishing Brass on a Sinking Ship: Toward a Traditional Dispensationalist Philosophy of the Church and Cultural Engagement”

Liberty Chapel, Conference Center


3:30 pm           Break


3:45 pm           John Oglesby, Calvary University

“Traditional Dispensationalism: The Only Framework for a Consistently Accurate Outworking of Social Justice”


5:00 pm           Dinner


7:00 pm           Pastor’s Panel

“Dispensationalism, Social Justice, and Race”


8:30 pm           Closing Prayer

* Schedule subject to adjustment




Twelfth Annual Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

Calvary University, Kansas City, Missouri

September 18-19, 2019


To see helpful information related to the conference location, transport, and lodging, please click here.

Any ministries who are interested in being represented at this event, email John Oglesby.


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